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Martin Lee-Stephenson has been an active and interesting musical personality to follow, having worked under various artist names such as Doppler 20:20 and Vulse, worked in groups such as Spooncurve and Koan, and having worked with the much respected Muslimgauze and the industrial free-for-all collaborative Pigface.
Vuzh Music is pleased to release "Nox", a dark and gritty soundworld from his project Apollon. This album features murky and evocative soundloops, dark atmospheres, middle-Eastern percussion and lurching, square-wheeled rhythms.
"Nox" includes a track called "Northern Persian Boy" which is a tribute to Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze.

artist: Apollon
title: Nox
keywords: collage-loops, industrial, gritty-ambient
Free download and streaming here:
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