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those that travel inside
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A community for all forms of ambient music (atmospheric, experimental, dub, progressive, organic, electronic, surreal, dark, etc).
12k, a small good thing, acustic, adham shaikh, alcove, aliodie, alpha wave movement, alter ego, amber asylum, ambient, ambient music, amir baghiri, amplexus, another fine day, anubian lights, aphex twin, apollo, asmus tietchens, astral engineering, atmospheric music, atom heart, aube, autechre, axiom ambient, backroads, bad data, beat system, bill laswell, biosphere, bloodbox, brian eno, brian lustmord, carl stone, caustic window, chas smith, controlled bleeding, dallas simpson, david toop, deep space network, dijecta, divination, djen ajakan shean, dreamfish, drift, dwellers at the threshold, ekko, em:t, enten hitti, experimental, exuviae, farfield, fathom, fax, futique, future 3, future sound of london, gas, global communication, godspeed you black emperor, goldwater, grace of strange weather, harold budd, heavenly music corporation, higher intelligence agency, hypnos, interchill, intermix, james johnson, james plotkin, jeff pearce, kit watkins, kk null, kranky records, labradford, lacoon, legion of green men, locust, loren nerell, loska, lycia, mark spybey, mere mortals, merzbow, miasma, michael stearns, mick harris, mike griffin, modula green, o yuki conjugate, octopus, ohmega tribe, omicron, pan american, paul schutze, pelican daughters, pete namlook, peter benisch, pilgrims of the mind, pole, psychic enemies network, ralf hildenbeutel, rapoon, rick cox, robert rich, rod modell, saul stokes, seefeel, smooth quality excrement, solar quest, soleilmoon, soul whirling somewhere, sounds from the ground, spacetime continuum, spectral voices, spyra, staalplaat, stars of the lid, starseeds, steve roach, subsurfing, sun electric, symetrics, synaesthesia, temps perdu, terrace of memories, tetsu inoue, the orb, thom brennan, thomas koner, todd fletcher, tom heasley, tomorrowland, tournesol, trascendental anarchists, vidna obmana, vir unis, viridian sun, voice of eye, voices of kwan, waveform transmission, woob, zero ohms

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